Sep 15, 2017

Best Diet For Diabetics To Lose Weight with Mediterranean Diet

In order to remain well-controlled diabetes, sufferers should know the type of diet such as what should be done to avoid a bigger problem.

Best Diet For Diabetics To Lose Weight - healtinews

In general, there is no prohibition of certain foods for diabetics, but the most important is to limit calorie foods and still eat foods with balanced nutrition.

A person with diabetes should not take sweet and not at all, because his body still needed sugar, just the use and type of sugar should be regulated.

Make Diet show good for diabetics

Always eat breakfast. With breakfast regularly, then the body will have the right energy for activities, so that blood sugar levels remain stable.

Regular diet and eating right. Eat regularly, will make the body do not feel hungry, so eating is normal and does not increase when the meals arrived. And eating right can help control blood sugar levels.

Calorie intake Keeping With Stable. Limiting the number of calories consumed per hour meal, much better when compared to eating a meal full of calories in an hour of eating and then do not eat for a day.

Consuming fats and sugar wisely. There are two types of fat in the body, good fats and bad fats. Fats that are needed to keep the body's metabolism, heart and brain and the bad fats should be avoided as dangerous to health.

In addition, for people with diabetes need to limit the simple glucose, because these foods have a high glycemic index value, thereby quickly raise blood sugar levels, for example syrup and sugar. Better to choose the kind of food that a low glycemic index level, e.g. Vegetables and fruits are high in fiber.

This type of diet is best? 

According to studies conducted by the Linköping University in Sweden shows that, one meal per day using the Mediterranean diet has the best health effects on diabetic patients compared to diet with three meals.

The Mediterranean diet itself is a diet that promotes the consumption of whole grains, nuts, fish and plants. Below we list the examples of food choices that should be consumed, and food must be shunned diabetics.

The food options were recommended for diabetics

  • Fresh fruits. If you want to make juice, should not be added sugar.
  • Processed vegetables with boiled, steamed, baked or eaten raw. Vegetables are best eaten for diabetics in between broccoli and spinach.
  • Foods made from complex carbohydrates or whole grains such as brown rice, baked potatoes, oatmeal, breads and cereals from whole grains.
  • Legumes, including soybeans in the form of knowing steamed, cooked for soup and salted.
  • Lean meat steamed, boiled, baked, and grilled.
  • Low-fat dairy products and eggs, and fresh popcorn.
  • Fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel. However, avoid fish with high mercury levels such as swordfish.

The type of food that should be avoided diabetics

  • White rice and white bread.
  • Fatty meats and high-fat dairy products.
  • Liver, gizzard, and other organs in animals.
  • Popcorn is rich in flavor.
  • Food preparations of chicken skin.
  • Fried foods such as fried chicken, fried fish, fried plantains, and sweet potato fries.
  • Foods made from wheat flour.
  • The vegetables were cooked with added salt, cheese, butter and sauces in large quantities.
  • Canned fruits that contain lots of sugar.
  • Canned vegetables containing high salt. 

It is advisable always to check blood sugar levels regularly, consult a doctor about food portions, and the right foods to eat, according to the condition of your body.