Sep 18, 2017

How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Month

Body slim and ideal certainly be everyone's desire, especially for women. There are many ads on social media or the internet, which promises extreme weight loss if we follow their method.

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When we would attend important events, such as weddings or school reunion, the offer looks tempting. There are methods which claim that they offer could lose 4.5 pounds, 7 pounds, even up to 10 pounds of your body weight, for a period of one month.

Whereas, in a weight loss plan that is healthy (which are long-term), how much we can reduce body weight in 30 days?

How many calories in a decrease in Safe 1 month

In one month, quite reasonable if we lose weight up to 4.5 pounds with the calorie restriction. Down 0.5 kilogram of body fat equates to 3,500 calories. To get down 1 pounds in a week, then we must reduce 1000 calories per day.

The calorie restriction can be done by reducing food intake per day or increase calories burned through exercise.

Of course, we cannot just think-thought the amount of calories that are burned or reduced. You must be sure already restrict caloric intake with how to make planning meals or do the recording in a food journal. No need to bother because there are currently many applications on gadgets that can help you.

Make a Plan to do Your Program

Note any pieces of food that we consume might sound excessive, but it's been proven that eating habits without a second thought, snacking, or eat because of being sad or stressed, is a major factor that weight gain is not realized.

Reduce 1000 calories per day will also feel heavy if we look at the numbers. In fact, we simply restrict "small" food like chips or a piece of fried foods, French fries, or sweet drinks. Without the heavy feel, actually, we've made a big change in caloric intake per day.

To remember, reducing the number of calories of yesteryear can be done by limiting food intake and increasing physical activity. To achieve the reduction of 1000 calories, You have to do a physical activity with scale are 5-6 times a week.

The exact number of calories burned is very influenced by gender, weight, how fast you do sports, and its duration. As an example:

• If we do treadmill 20 minutes at the speed of 6 mph then 229 calories burned.
• Swim 30 minutes burn 189 calories. and
• 30-minute kickboxing Burns 357 calories.

Choose a safe method and focus

Do not easily tempted by the offer of a promising diet weight loss 10 pounds in a month. Usually that kind of diet patterns will be pressing You to eat less than the required amount of calories or do sports hard.

The restriction of calories that also requires you to eat a particular food or drink products. In addition to the cost of large, usually such a diet will not last long because we are easily bored. If it is so, we are easily tempted to food and weight thus rise higher than ever.