Sep 10, 2017

Can Detox Diet With A Jus Only Without Other Foods?

For some people, losing weight requires considerable effort, this may be due to excessive eating patterns. Various types of diets have been tried, one of the diets that many people do is a detox diet by consuming fruit and vegetable juices. But still not seen a satisfactory result.

As to whether the juice detox that?

Diet detox only by drinking fruit juice and vegetables (no consumption of other foods throughout the day) is claimed to lose weight. Not only can you lose weight, this diet method also states can get rid of all "toxins" in the body.

Is it true that juice detox diet can lose weight?

If you only consume fruit juice and vegetables without any consumption of food and other drinks, of course your weight will go down because of very little caloric intake. However, could you have a lifetime of drinking fruit and vegetable juice alone, surely not?

Your weight will rebound back to normal or even higher than before after eating the way it used to be.

Is it true that detox diet can shed the "poison" that is in the body?

The human body has its own sophisticated system for removing unneeded substances. In this case, the liver and kidneys play a role in removing waste and toxins from the body. Therefore, the body does not need an "additional assistant" to remove toxins from the body.

What are the effects of a detox diet for the health of the body?

There are some side effects that can occur if you are on a detox diet. Following in between them:

The body lacks essential nutrients
Fruits and vegetables are good for consumption because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. But if you only drink fruit juice and vegetables all day long without any other food, you will lose important nutrients that are also needed by the body such as protein and fat.

The body becomes non-energized

Most detox diets with fruit and vegetable juices consume only very low calorie intake (about 800 calories per day). While the daily calories needed by adults is about 2000 calories per day. Low calorie intake will make you become weak, lethargic and not energized during the move. 

The body will experience digestive problems

Detox diets will make your body's metabolism slows down due to reduced muscle mass and fewer calorie intake. This can cause you to become constipated.

The body will lose muscle mass

If protein intake is restricted, you will lose muscle mass in the body. When your weight back in normal numbers, then most will consist of fat.