Oct 26, 2017

Diabetic Nerve Pain In Feet

Diabetic Nerve Pain In Feet - healtinews
Diabetes can cause foot pain excruciating, it is caused by damage to the nerves and blood circulation problems that is not good.

Causes of Diabetic Foot Pain

Below are some of the causes of foot pain due to diabetes.

  • Peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a type of diabetic neuropathy that affects the nerves. There are three types of peripheral neuropathies: sensory, motoric, and autonomic neuropathy.

    Most diabetic patients complain of sensory neuropathy. This can appear as "sensitive pain," which only touches the skin, or covers your feet with a cloth, may cause pain or numbness in the feet.

    Similarly, neuropathic motors, can cause nerves in the muscles feels weak and sick. Autonomic neuropathy can cause dry, stiff, callusy, and cracked skin. Bacterial infections can also add pain to your feet.

  • Circulation Problems. Circulation problems in the feet, may cause pain. This is due to the effects of high blood sugar in the arteries, capillaries, and veins.

    In diabetics, when the artery is blocked by a pile of fat, there is thickening of Malthus artery walls and calcium buildup. This causes blockage of blood flow to the legs. Because the tissue lacks oxygen, then there is a great pain on the feet.

  • Infection. Diabetics are more susceptible to fungal infections, and bacteria in the legs, due to nutritional changes, and other medical changes. Such as increased blood sugar levels, which can pose a threat, to one's immune system. This condition can increase the risk of infected infections.

  • Muscles and joint pain. Another common source, from leg pain, in diabetics, involves the muscles and joints. Because the muscles are contracted, the tendon becomes stiff and begins to contract.

    This process can not only cause muscle pain and joint pain but also create problems, in self-balance when walking.