Oct 8, 2017

Diet Alkaline, Solution Loss Weight Healthy and Safety

The alkaline diet is claimed to be the solution to lose weight quickly and naturally, the benefits of an alkaline diet were also able to reduce inflammation and prevent cancer. 

Diet Alkaline, Solution Loss Weight Healthy and Safe - healtinews

A brief explanation of the scientists, the food that we consume and absorbed by the body will make the pH levels surged that will break all kinds of diets that we apply. The basic theory of the alkaline diet is the body becomes an easy target of the disease if it is acidic. Therefore, we need the alkaline food (is alkaline) that can maintain the pH balance in the blood.

Proponents once dieters alkaline says, when we excess intake of total protein, sugar, caffeine and all kinds of processed foods, the pH level of our body will be disrupted, the body will become addicted thus leading to weight gain and disease.

The best medicine to lose weight is by eating fresh vegetables, fresh fruit and all kinds of other alkaline foods, namely soy products, beans, wheat and other nuts.

Meanwhile, the type of food that should be avoided acid enhancer is meat, fish, chicken, factory processed products, processed foods, white sugar, white flour, caffeine and so on.

How to Conduct an Alkaline Diet                                       

The alkaline diet is done by regulating the recommended diet of 70% alkaline foods or alkaline and 30% acidic foods each day. As for foods that produce alkaline, among others such as fruits and vegetables, soy and tofu, and some types of nuts, seeds, and legumes. Whereas acidic foods include milk, eggs, meat, and processed foods (canned or bottled). In addition, you should also avoid the consumption of beverages containing alcohol and caffeine.