Oct 18, 2017

How Much Weight Can You Lose In A Week

Can lose weight in a fantastic amount and with a very fast tempo of time certainly very enjoyable.

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However, don't be happy just yet if you managed to lose a lot of weight in very quick time. Actually, it's not good for your health. It could be just a diminishes water not only your fat. Of course, this is not the purpose of weight loss. Usually, weight loss like this won't last long.

How ideally the amount of weight that drops in a week?

How much amount of weight down while doing the diet, actually depends on many factors. Like, how do you lose weight, and how much weight you had before.

People who already have a fairly healthy life style, it might be more difficult to lose weight, compared to people who actually changed her lifestyle. So also with the person, which has a smaller weight, it might be a little bit of experience weight loss, compared with people who have great weight.

People who are very overweight, and have never done sports, it will be easier to lose weight, as he limits the intake of food, and do exercise regularly. This is because the composition of fats in the body more, and are easier to fire.

How to lose weight right?

Preferably, do weight loss the right way, some point below may be a reference for you.

  • Reduce Your calorie intake eating 500-1000. But, the total calories that enter your body do not get less than 1200 calories.
  • Do sports regularly. At the very least, you should do 30 minutes of exercise per day.

If you've been doing both of the above, then your weight will go down in a healthy way. Ideally, the weight down by 0.5-1 kg a week or 2-4 kg in a month. People who lose weight gradually in number is usually more successful keeping his weight.

Losing weight quickly can certainly bring harm to your health.

Losing weight quickly can certainly bring harm to your health. This is a very disturbing the metabolism in your body. Some of the risks that can occur if you have a lot of weight loss in a short time are:
• headache
• Constipation
• irritability
• Fatigue
• irregular menstrual periods
• hair loss
• Loss of muscle mass

Worse yet, you may be more at risk to experience disease or condition below.

• electrolyte imbalance in the body
• Dehydration
• nutritional deficiencies
• Gallstones
• liver damage