Oct 16, 2017

Natural Way To Cure Acne Quickly And Healthy

Remove Acne With Herbal & Natural. How to remove acne the first, which we discuss here is the way of herbs or using the natural ingredients that are provided naturally.

How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally And Fast - healtinews

The advantage of doing this treatment

Low cost / no fees
Easy to find anywhere
Have no side effects

Following some of the herb and how to eliminate acne naturally without chemicals and side effects.

1. Treatment Acne With Honey

Honey is one of the herbs that can be used to eradicate the stubborn pimples on the face.

What is the function of honey for acne on the face?

Honey is an herb that has very high antibiotic substances which can help you prevent infection as well as the healing process of the skin.

How to Use 1

Apply honey on cotton beauty (sterile)
Put on acne your face
Allow approximately 30 minutes
rinse with water lukewarm

How to Use 2

Provide cinnamon and honey to taste
Make a paste with a blend of cinnamon with honey
Put on the location of the acne before bed
Morning day rinse with enough water.

Note: Honey is not suitable for sensitive skin 

2. Treatment Acne With Lemon

How to get rid of acne quickly other is by using lemon, fruit that is very rich in vitamin c is very potent eradicate acne arising and large. The lemon juice is very potent to shrink pimples quickly. Make sure you make it yourself, don't buy the juice in the bottle due to chemical substances.

How to use 1:

Provide 1-2 fruit lemon
Squeeze lemon water
Wipe on cotton
And then apply it on the pimples before sleeping
Clean with clean water the next day

How to use 2:

Mix 1 spoon of cinnamon powder with 1 spoon
Stir the pasta so that it becomes
Let stand on the pimple before going to bed
The next day, rinse with clean water lukewarm
Note: this Herb cannot be used if your skin is sensitive

3. Treatment Acne With Urotherapy

Failed to succeed in removing acne? It's good to try new and groundbreaking recent research using urine. These new discoveries and breakthroughs in pointed out by writer Martha Christy in the book In Your Own Perfect Medicine. He said that urine therapy or so-called urotherapy efficacious to eliminate acne.

How Can That Be?

Air urine has a long history in different countries such as China, ancient Egypt, and India. Urine contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that may be used for different types of treatment, including one is skin problems such as acne.

How To Use:

Drinking his own urine. It is indeed quite extreme, but from experience written Christy, this will be very effective coping to acne.
Mixing with moisturizer. This might be more ' humane ', you can use the moisturizing and mixing with the urine, as a suggestion, moisturizing just a little water and a lot of his art.
It's been used since the 18th century to create an alternative way to remove acne with urine is highly in demand.

4. Treatment Acne With Cucumber

Cucumbers have been very familiar used as a facial mask to get a facial skin smooth and radiant. Effect of cucumber can work as an anti-inflammatory, it is suitable to treat acne that started to blush and gives the effect of inflammation.

How To Use (New Acne):
Cucumber slices some fresh
Put on acne areas
Leave it for 30-60 minutes
Rinse with clean water
Do routinely every day, until a pimple is gone

How To Use (Inflamed Acne/Stubborn):

Fresh cucumber juice (no water)
Make the mask on the face
Let 30-60 minutes
Rinse clean with warm water
Done regularly, until a pimple is gone.