Oct 15, 2017

Nutrition Tips For Healthy Living - Men

Any denser activity can be passed by someone who has a healthy body condition. Especially for a man, doing a healthy living program by consuming a good source of nutrition is the key.

Nutrition Tips For Healthy Living - Men - healtinews

Healthy lifestyle trends are growing every moment. Each person race wants to have a healthy body and fit every time. In addition to women, men are also quite keen to live a healthy lifestyle program. Do not just want to have an ideal body, but by living healthy every man hopes to undergo a variety of activities smoothly without the slightest interruption of disease.
According to the explanation to Dr. Shilpi Agarwal, MD., A Board-Certified Family Medicine and Integrative and Holistic Medicine physician, describes some of the major nutrients needed by a man in order to live a healthy lifestyle optimally, are listed as follows.

Some Nutrition Required Men in Healthy Life

Vitamin D
According to doctors who graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine's degree, men need vitamin D intake on the daily menu. These vitamins have an important role in calcium absorption. Do this process, vitamin D will eventually help the formation of stronger bones and is also solid. In addition, vitamin D also has a good role to make the heart always healthy. This vitamin is often found in milk.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids
These nutrients are needed men to have a healthy heart and brain. Another role of omega-3 fatty acids is to remove plaque that could potentially be a blockage of blood vessels. Because, if it happens, the supply of nutrients in the blood cannot be evenly distributed either throughout the body including the brain. These nutrients can be obtained from sea fish such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel.

These nutrients included in one type of antioxidant. The most common benefits of lycopene keep the immune system that is not easily getting sick. While specific benefits of these nutrients can prevent the risk of prostate cancer that often attacks the men. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, watermelon, and grapefruit. Said Dr. Shilpi in alerted in Men's Health.

Coenzyme Q10
Dr, Shilpi explain other nutrients that are needed by man in order to live a healthy life is coenzyme Q10. These nutrients are a type of antioxidant that may reduce the risk of Parkinson's disease.

In addition, Coenzyme Q10 also has an important role in maintaining heart health and keep the body from inflammation. These antioxidants are soluble in fat and can be produced from the body's metabolic processes. However, you can increase its production by eating salmon.