Nov 17, 2017

Best Iron Supplement For Anemia From Herbal Without Side Effect

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Iron supplements for anemia, believed to increase the amount of hemoglobin, and restore iron reserves to normal conditions, is that right? Here's the review.

When a person is diagnosed with anemia due to iron deficiency, then in addition to increasing the intake of nutrients in food consumed, it is also recommended to consume iron supplements for anemia.

Purpose of Iron Supplement

Provision of iron supplements for anemia aims to increase iron reserves which play a role in the formation of hemoglobin in the body. In addition, taking iron supplements for anemia, can also increase the amount of hemoglobin and restore iron reserves to normal conditions.

But keep in mind, that iron supplements for anemia are given as additional intake which should only be administered in accordance with the doctor's instructions. Therefore, the regular intake of daily food still needs to be improved and maintained quality so that iron intake from food remains in accordance with the needs.

Intake of Natural Iron

The intake of iron from food comes from heme and nonheme. Heme comes from an animal and nonheme comes from vegetable or plant.

The absorption of iron sourced from heme is quite efficient ie 15-35%. Meanwhile, nonheme-sourced iron approximately 2-20% is absorbed by the body.

Iron absorption is influenced by several things, such as the provision of vitamin C from food and beverages. Foods and beverages that contain lots of vitamin C will help increase the absorption of iron. This also applies to iron supplements for anemia.

On the other hand, tannin substances in tea, calcium, milk, phytate caffeine and polyphenols can inhibit the absorption of iron. Therefore, iron supplements for anemia, should not be given simultaneously with calcium, whether foods or beverages that contain high calcium, or calcium, tea, antacid supplements, drugs used to reduce stomach acids, such as H-2 histamine antagonists and proton pomp inhibitor (PPI).

Iron supplements for anemia will provide great benefit in overcoming anemia caused by nutritional disorders such as iron deficiency folic acid or vitamin B12. Therefore, not all anemia can be solved only by the addition of iron supplementation.

Treatment of anemia depends on the type, cause, and severity of the anemia. Treatment of anemia includes dietary changes, supplementation, treatment with surgery-like measures.

In cases of anemia caused by chronic illness, it is certainly important to look for the underlying disease in order to be able to follow up accordingly. For proper handling, you should consult your doctor.