Nov 2, 2017

Is it Permissible To Consume Alcohol While Pregnant?

How safe is the drink contains alcohol, for pregnant women and the fetus, can't be ensured even by a number of health experts? Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages while pregnant, is a step most safe for pregnant women.

Is it Permissible To Consume Alcohol While Pregnant - healtinews

Permissible or not, the expectant mother consumes alcohol has always been a conversation incessantly. Some doctors say, drink alcohol while pregnant as long as in limited quantities does not harm the health of the fetus. But the others oppose that opinion.

How much Alcohol can be consumed while pregnant

The results of Research showed that drinking alcohol during pregnancy in certain amounts can cause congenital abnormalities or congenital abnormalities (birth defects) in infants. Even so, no research has proved successful showed whether consuming a little alcohol also has the same effect on the fetus. Specifically, there is no study which can provide limits on the amount of alcohol which is safe for pregnant women to consume.

Quite difficult to determine the amount of alcohol consumption which is safe for pregnant women. This is because every woman has levels of resistance against the drinks contain alcohol that is different. Some expectant mothers have enzymes breaking alcohol which is lower than the normal limit so that the alcohol be in the blood flow and harm the condition of the fetus.

These factors make the health experts recommend not drinking alcohol while pregnant for the sake of the health of the baby.

If You still choose to consume beverages containing alcohol, be sure not to overdo it. The dose that is recommended for a drink is a half can of beer or equivalent 236ml containing not more than 3,5% alcohol content in units of volume (alcohol by volume/ABV).

The frequency of consuming alcohol is limited to a maximum of two times a week. However, it is not advisable to drink alcohol during pregnancy during the first three months of pregnancy to prevent premature births or miscarriages.

Effects of Alcohol on Fetus

Every organ in the human body has different levels of development. The liver is one of the organs of the human body that takes the longest time to develop. The function of the liver in the new fetus is perfect at the later stages of pregnancy. When pregnant women consume alcohol, blood flow brings alcohol across the placenta to the fetus.

Before the final stage of pregnancy, the baby's liver can not process alcohol like an adult's body. If the alcohol content is too much, then it can affect the development of the cells of the body of the baby.

Consuming alcoholic beverages while pregnant excessive has the risk of damaging the baby's nervous system. This condition causes the baby vulnerable to fetal alcohol syndrome (fetal alcohol syndrome/FAS). FAS result in birth defects, learning difficulties and socialization problems of children when adults.

Consume more than 4 cans of beer per day during pregnancy may increase the risk of a baby affected by FAS. Children with FAS commonly have problems in the development of his body. For example, the size of the head that is small, abnormalities on the face, as well as disorders of learning and behavior, such as slow in talking.

Although there is no research that can prove that a small amount of alcohol is dangerous for the fetus, it would be better if not to risk it at all. Avoid drinking alcohol while pregnant remains a better choice compared to the risk of miscarriage or disability that may befall Your baby.