Nov 15, 2017

Is Lung Cancer Curable? Refer To The Discussion Here

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Can lung cancer be cured? Of course, it can. Every disease, of course there is a cure. It's just that until recently, not many knew it. The possibility to feel pessimistic because of the cost factor, whereas the possibility to recover very small.

Medically, the 4th stage lung cancer cannot be cured.
Therefore, the cure is not the goal of lung cancer therapy. The goal of lung cancer therapy is on the patient's endurance level, ie the extent to which the patient can survive.

Most doctors feel pessimistic concerning the healing of cancer, especially cancer of advanced stage because of the treatment such as Chemotherapy, not able to exceed the acceleration of the development of the advanced stages of cancer. Acceleration of treatment, only able to advance step by step (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 etc), while the accelerated growth of cancer cells applies multiples (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and so on).

Alternative healing, focus break the food chain of cancer instead of preventing or race against cancer such as medical treatment so that cancer can't grow and then die by itself.

Medical treatment for lung cancer has a cure rate is very low. Even many cases happen very quick spread of post-operative and chemotherapy, which in the end they ended in death after or when treatment session lasts.

Why Can Relapse, after being declared cured?

Even the recurrence of this cancer occurs without a reason after several years declared cured. In addition, there is no evidence that the possibility of disease is unlikely to recur again. In certain cases, where the cancer patient is above stage 1 and for the next 5 years does not undergo a vascular invasion, it can be said to be "cured".

The recurrence is due to the fact that the cancer cells are not completely dead, or the cause of the cancer is still present. Even after undergoing a series of painful and exhausting chemotherapy, and the condition began to improve, but 1 week later recurrence, with fantastic acceleration.

This happens because the way medical treatment always starts from the problem not the root of the problem. As with cancer, there is certainly a cause of why these cancers arise. Although not yet known exactly the cause of this cancer, but most likely caused by metabolic errors.

Lung Cancer and Surgery

The best medical action for lung cancer is surgery by removing the infected part of the body. But this can only be done in the case of early-stage lung cancer, where cancer still has not reached the nodes and blood vessels, in this case, lung cancer can be cured by surgery.

Surgery removes the body part infected with cancer cells. It offers the best results for long-term survival. This is done at an early stage when the cancer cells have not reached the lymph nodes and blood vessels, so the healing rate is much greater.

Moreover, if lung cancer has reached the lymph nodes, the goal of treatment is not to "heal", but to prolong the patient's age. Usually, life opportunities can be achieved between 3 to 5 years.

Alternative treatment

Along with advances in the field of treatment, has been found anti-cancer, which is very effective, to cure lung cancer. This method is in addition supported by research, also many testimonies.

The most effective cancer healing is not from drugs, as always done with medical treatment, that kills cancer cells directly. Healing cancer effects are derived from the body itself.

Health experts often say that "all illness is caused by an error of metabolism". As was the case on cancer, which is caused by an abnormality of cell growth, where the cells that should be dead keep growing and develop, so the process of cell mutation does not run properly.

For repair must be initiated by the body itself. This is what can not be done by medical drugs or any other chemical drugs. The only way that can be done is the body repairs itself, with the granting of a balanced nutrition which is free of toxins and dangerous chemicals, as well as contains ingredients that effectively inhibit the growth of cancer.

Therefore, do not get lung cancer getting worse. Although there is no guarantee of a cure, at least there is still hope to recover.