Nov 16, 2017

Men Secret 71 Years Recovered from Lung Cancer

Men Secret 71 Years Recovered from Lung Cancer - healtinews

His name Tanuhendrata (71), did not find himself experiencing a bloody cough or pain in the chest is extraordinary. He only felt pain in the spine, such as the wrong nerves. When sleeping, he's always fixing the position of her body because it's always uncomfortable.

When doctors diagnose that there was cancer in his lungs in the year 2006, no sense of shock and frustration from him. Hendra, so this man is often called, is aware of what they experienced is the effect of the habit of ever smoking.

"I realized if I was a heavy smoker. If it's got cancer, yes these consequences. I can receive, but my wife didn't, "said Hendra to and written, Monday (22/4/2013).

Not only are heavy smokers, formerly Hendra is very irregular in live his life. Not eating regularly, just like any sport, sleep never organized. "I also stress easily. I am in charge of a factory, nothing formerly ride of all. A combination that is what made my diagnosed lung cancer, "he added.

All the healing process he runs, ranging from CT-scans, biopsies, to pet-scan. The doctor checked his condition said if there is a type of cancer in her body could not be operated on.

At the time of checking the disease, including examination of allergies, blood and others, it was concluded that Hendra's body only able to 4 times chemotherapy. "The doctor said my body was strong. Fastest 4 times. If the body is not strong, chemotherapy can be up to 8 times, "said Hendra.

Not only chemotherapy, from Monday to Thursday Hendra also had to undergo radiation as much as 33 times. When the treatment process and declared lung cancer stage 3, the likelihood of life is only 13.5 percent. Unfortunately, doctors say there is still no medicine that can cure it totally.

Treated with fruits and vegetables

After being diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, Hendra immediately sought a reference book for healthy living and lung treatment at a bookstore. After reading a lot, he immediately changed the lifestyle by consuming lots of fruits, vegetables, and most importantly clean air care at home.

Without consulting a doctor, Hendra confidently does what is suggested in the book. Hendra consuming vitamin C, mineral, drinking and making vegetable juice.

Not only that, he also did what was suggested by others including her friends. "I also drink a tomato juice are cooked. Previously boiled first, to take lycopene tomatoes. Then, there are also advised to eat Curcuma-xanthorrhiza, turmeric, in order to keep the liver, "he added.

For the sake of recovering, Hendra willing to leave white rice, sugary foods, food flour, and replace it with healthy food. "Sugar, milk, red meat, white chicken meat from modern cattle, it also should not be," said Hendra.

After going through year after year, eventually Hendra declared recovered from lung cancer. Because of its belief that high against what he consumption, until now a Hendra still routinely consuming it all.

To help cure the husband, Lilyana tried to help him, by way of finding out what vegetable effect conferring positive, for lung cancer Hendra.

Finally, Lilyana knows what vegetables that must be consumed by her husband. And continuously, he makes for a beloved husband.

According to Lilyana, vegetables that are alkaline, which ultimately make the cancer is not comfortable in the body Hendra. Lily regularly boil the red spinach, which water is drunk by Hendra. And he regularly gives green apples, lime, and grapefruit.

"The green apple is alkaline, and if the red is sour, so is the lime and the grapefruit, it's alkaline, the other is just sour," Lily explained.

His efforts are successful, the year 2011, Hendra declared cured. He claimed if his recovery is now not merely because of the drug. He can be healed because he was keeping his life patterns, and always consuming foods that are nutritious.