Dec 21, 2017

6 Signs Of Testicular Cancer You Need To Know

Signs Of Testicular Cancer-healthinews

Cancer, this deadly disease can affect anyone, both men and women and no matter young or old. If a woman can develop breast cancer, cervical cancer, or ovarian cancer, then a man may have testicular cancer.

Well, as a precautionary measure, then you must recognize the symptoms early, as the following explanation.

Early signs of testicular cancer


Headaches are a common disease. But headaches can also be an early sign of testicular cancer if it persists for long periods of time.

Lower abdominal pain

Another symptom of testicular cancer is a pain in the lower abdomen is constant. And unfortunately, the men detect as a disease of gastritis.

Swelling in the scrotum

If you feel that your scrotum is swollen, both large and small, then you must perform tests to detect cancer early seak.

A painful lump

In addition to swelling, the lump in the testis also you must be aware. Because this lump appears due to abnormal growth of cancer cells.

Back pain

Testicular cancer will make men experience back pain that is getting worse.

Chest pain

Another unusual symptom of testicular cancer is a pain in the chest. And this pain is accompanied by shortness of breath or easily tired for no apparent reason.

So, do you often experience any of the above symptoms? If yes, then you should do a cancer test early, to prevent the spread of testicular cancer.