Dec 21, 2017

Bladder Cancer Symptoms In Women

Bladder Cancer Symptoms In Women - healthinews

Bladder cancer is a type of cancer, which has quite small numbers compared to other types. In America, women are more likely to have "big" cancers, such as breast, ovarian, prostate, lung and skin cancers. 12% of cancer cases in the United States are breast cancer, lung cancer is 25%. 40-50% of cancer patients in the US are skin cancer. The rate of bladder cancer is only 5%.

But it should be noted that 5% is still a very large number. According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 80,000 cases of bladder cancer are found in 2017 and the new type of cancer most commonly-4 in men. However, the proportion of women dying from bladder cancer is higher than in men. This is because the symptoms of bladder cancer in women are often misunderstood as other diseases.

What is bladder cancer?

The bladder is a hollow muscle surrounded by the hip that is an area called the pelvis. Bladder cancer is a disease that attacks the area. The characteristics of this cancer provide an effect that can not be ignored by women because it is directly related to vital areas.

This infection is usually caused by bacteria, which rise from the vagina and rectum, which then to the urethra, then up into the bladder.

Symptoms Are Common In Women

1. Urinate With Blood

The most common symptom in bladder cancer patients is the discharge of blood when urinating. Urine with blood can indeed be a sign of other diseases. So when it happens too often, where the blood comes out with urine, it is suspect and checked to the doctor.

2. Frequent Urinating Suddenly

Someone will often urinate when drinking too much, when feeling nervous or tense, or when in a cold place. If outside of these things, you feel often want to urinate, let alone always sudden, this can be a sign of cancer. Frequent urination and urine that comes out mixed with blood can be a sign of cancer, immediately see a doctor to check the condition.

3. Urinary Tract Often Infected

Another unnatural thing, which deserves to be aware of as a sign of this cancer is often an infection of the urinary tract. If accompanied by other symptoms, which have been mentioned before, then you need to get a diagnosis exactly.

4. Feeling Irritable During Urinating

Having pain during urination is something to watch out for. When it starts to happen every day, consult your doctor immediately.

5. Back Pain

Similar to symptoms of kidney cancer, back pain alone cannot be concluded, as a sign of bladder cancer. Back pain can occur, when we move too dense, and we are too long not to move in the back area. When back pain occurs suddenly, for no reason, diagnosis may be very important.