Dec 18, 2017

Colon Cancer Stage 4 Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

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The large intestine is clearly one of the most important organs in every human body. The presence of colon cancer usually begins with the tumor or abnormal body cells on the inner wall of the intestine. There are two types of tumors, namely Polyps (benign tumors) and Malignant Tumors.

When the tumor is still benign, surgery is the best way to eliminate it, so the spread of cancer cells to other organs can be prevented. While malignant tumor is the most dangerous and threatening, because it can spread to the entire network, which is around the large intestine.

Symptoms of Colon Cancer Stage 4

This type of malignant cancer, commonly known as stage 4 colon cancer. At this level, the possibility for total healing was almost nonexistent. It can even be said and estimated, that up to 5 years alone the survival of the sufferer. Here you can see the characteristics or symptoms of colon cancer stage 4:

Bleeding Rectum

Bleeding in the rectum is one of the most severe conditions, which is mandatory for you to be aware, as it can be a sign of colon cancer stage 4. The emergence of this bleeding, precisely in the lower digestive tract. These symptoms may indicate that your condition is already at an advanced stage, or it could mean that you have anal cancer.

Frequent Fainting

Fainting too often is not a good thing of course and not just a sign that someone is anemic. Frequent loss of consciousness can also be attributed to early symptoms of brain cancer, but can also be a sign of the late stages of colon cancer. Bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract can be a cause and when it comes to this symptom, the patient is also expected to receive medical treatment immediately.

Excessive Vomiting

Excessive vomiting especially when accompanied by the presence of blood is not something to be underestimated, this could be a symptom of end-stage colon cancer. It still has something to do with bleeding in the rectum, so eventually the stomach feels not only pain and nausea but vomiting all the contents and even blood fluid. You should get medical help before reaching this stage.

Spread of Cancer to Liver and Lung

Cancer cells in stage 4 obviously are definitely spread more widely and two affected organs are the liver and lungs. At the end of the stage, cancer spreads rapidly and is no longer just a part of the lung organ and the liver is stricken. Other organs in your body are affected by the spread of cancer cells as well and there will be only 10 percent of the survival rate of colon cancer.

Weight Loss is Very Drastic

Just like other types of cancer, weight loss can occur drastically. In stage 4, you will find that weight drops so much, because the body starts to be very gaunt, thin and dull. Of course, this is also not separated from the cancer cell effect that has spread to everywhere. Not to mention rectal bleeding that causes the digestive tract has been spelled out so that the incoming food will not be digested perfectly as normal.

Prevention of Colon Cancer Stage 4

Instead of treating, prevention is always the wisest course of action, as well as the conditions of colon cancer. Before developing into a lifeblood, you need to make some important efforts in slowing the occurrence of symptoms, especially when already in stages 1, 2 and 3.

Choosing Healthy Food

Foods that are considered healthy for the colon are foods that contain folic acid and high calcium. When choosing healthy foods, this also means covering high-calorie foods, high protein, and rich in fat. Even colon cancer patients are also advised to take calcium supplements after adenoma polypectomy.

Choosing healthy foods also avoids dangerous chemicals, preservatives, and food coloring. Even food that feels spicy and contains coconut milk you need to stay away from. And again, fresh fruit and vegetables can also be used as a menu every day because the fiber is so high that it is able to meet balanced nutritional needs. Do not forget also to eat foods that contain vitamin E and D is high and high antioxidant properties.s that contain vitamin E and D is high and high antioxidant properties.

Not Doing a Strict Diet

Why in the illness should not be dieting? Are not most patients with chronic diseases and already experiencing common cancer symptoms should start paying attention to food intake? Meet the nutritional needs of the body is not the same as dieting by reducing the intake of nutrients.

Strict diet is usually done by limiting the number of certain nutrients that should not be necessary. As long as it is not excessive, then there is no effect or effect to be borne by the body. You also need to know that strict diet can make the immune system decline.

Doing Sports Regularly

Physical activity is certainly required by everyone, especially those who already know the condition of early-stage cancer. In order to prevent until reaching the final stages, in addition to healthy foods, exercise is the right choice of activities to do. The purpose of the regular exercise, of course, is to maintain body fitness and slow the growth and development of cancer cells.

Remember that exercise also has a role in boosting the body's immune system, which will inevitably affect the speed of one's recovery. Doing the light exercise for a week 2-3 times will be helpful. At each sports time, do it for about half an hour to feel more maximal.

Do not smoke

Smoking is a thing that will not only trigger the condition of lung cancer, but smoking becomes a habit that can aggravate the condition of the colon that has been a tumor or even advanced stage cancer. The risk is too big and life-threatening if you already know about cancer and still smoking.