Dec 29, 2017

Type One Diabetes Facts to Know The Truth

Type 1 Diabetes Facts and statistic-healthinews

Diabetes is a disease of sugar. When a person is affected by diabetes, his entire life will change and cannot be ' normal ' again. They should always be alert, with the possibility of a blood sugar soaring, and be careful in case of wounds on the body.

Diabetes consists of two types, namely, diabetes type-1 and type-2. Although both equally could be treated using drugs and insulin, diabetes type-1 note is more dangerous than type-2 diabetes. Here are some important facts that are known about diabetes type-1.

4 type 1 Diabetes Facts

1. Type-1 Diabetes Is An Autoimmune Disease

There's not much to know, that the actual type-1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease. In the case of type-1 diabetes, the pancreas fails to produce insulin, a hormone that helps the body get energy from food consumed. The pancreas fails to produce insulin because the immune system attacks the beta cells.

There is no cure for this disease and most likely this is caused by genetic and environmental factors, unlike diabetes type 2 which can be caused by lifestyle and diet.

2. All Persons Affected Risk Diabetes Type-1

Because diet and lifestyle are not related to diabetes type 1 so this disease can strike anyone, from children to the elderly. If a person is diagnosed with diabetes have type 1, she will rely on lifelong insulin, either by means of injection or pump to the body. It's too late do the injection of insulin, could have resulted in death.

3. A Difficult Disease Treated

Type-1 diabetic patients may experience dependency on insulin injections. Depends on the person, each dose of insulin needed by patients can be very high. Sometimes insulin has to be pumped for a day or injected multiple times during a day. This sort of thing is not to be missed or can cause fatal consequences.

4. Symptoms Similar To Diabetes-Type 2

Type-1 diabetes has almost the same mark with type-2 diabetes, such as excessive thirst, quickly tired, frequent urination, increased appetite, changes in eye health, the presence of sugar in the urine, breath that smells like a fruity aroma, and difficulty breathing.

There are a number of myths circulating about diabetes type-1, as only children can experience it, and insulin injection could cure type-1 diabetes. This is not correct, type-1 diabetes can strike anyone, and could not be cured by the injection of insulin. Insulin injections will only help control blood sugar levels, insulin, and supplies on a patient's body type-1 diabetes.