Jan 9, 2018

Best Home Pregnancy Test For Early Detection

best home pregnancy test for early detections - healtinews

One sign that can be a benchmark if you are pregnant is late menstruation. Women who experience late menstruation will usually undergo a pregnancy test with a test kit ( test pack ) that you can find at the nearest pharmacy.

But, did you know that you can also make your own pregnancy test kit? Yes, without using a test pack, you can tell if you are pregnant or not. How to?

Materials that can be used as a natural pregnancy test kit

Basically, the pregnancy test kit that you will make yourself will still test your pregnancy hormone levels in your urine. Yes, here your urine is still needed. In fact, when fertilization succeeds one of the body's responses is by increasing the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG). This hormone will be naturally released by the body when your uterus is preparing for pregnancy.

Usually, the hormone it will be detected in the urine about 10-14 days after your late menstruation. And, urine containing high enough hCG hormone is usually the first urine in the morning. Then how to make your own pregnancy tool?

  • Using Salt. You can also sprinkle salt into the urine you've collected in one container. If indeed you are pregnant, then the hormone hCG inside reacts directly with salt. Salt with urine will produce a solution like milk, and it states that you are pregnant.
  • Using Sugar. Who has no sugar in his house? Making a pregnancy test kit with sugar is certainly not a difficult thing because almost everyone has sugar at home.
    If you want to try to make a pregnancy test kit with sugar, then you should provide 3 tablespoons of sugar and a fruit container to hold sugar and urine. Collect your urine, then put sugar in and wait a while. If sugar and urine secrete a lot of foam, eat most likely you are pregnant, and vice versa.
  • Using Bleach. How to use bleach in checking pregnancy, is actually almost the same as if you use sugar. All you need is about two tablespoons of bleach and a little urine that you remove in the morning.
    Put the bleach into the urine that has been accommodated before, then notice what happens. If you are positive pregnant, then urine and bleach will give off a strong odor.
  • Using Soap. The hCG hormone will make soap a lot of foam. If you use soap as a pregnancy test, then you need soapy water, urine that has been accommodated, and container. Then, the result that will appear when you are pregnant is soapy water mixed with urine will contain a high hCG hormone, characterized by the amount of foam that appears.

There is no guarantee that pregnancy test kits are accurate

Yes, it's easy if you want to know whether you are pregnant or not by doing a medical checkup. However, of course, your own pregnancy test kit is not yet accurate. You need to do a pregnancy test repeatedly and performed after 14 days of late menstruation. In addition, if you experience early symptoms of pregnancy, you should immediately go to your obstetrician to find out your condition and the fetus in your stomach.