Jan 16, 2018

Best Rice For Diabetics

Best Rice For Diabetics - healtinews

Rice is a staple food in almost all parts of the world, right in Asian countries. In Asia rice can be processed into various variants of processed foods, such as flour for baking. But for people with diabetes, rice is a type of food that is worth avoiding. This is because rice has a high enough glycemic load.

But what all types of rice should not be consumed diabetics?
The answer is no, rice has a variety of different varieties, and each variety has different glycemic levels.

Index Glycemic In rice

White rice (short grain rice), has an Index Glycemic of about 72 to 83.
White rice Basmati (long grain rice), has an Index Glycemic of about 55 or more.
Brown rice, has an Index Glycemic of about 48 to 62.

Best Rice for Diabetic

If you see the glycemic value of each type of rice, of course, brown rice is the best rice for diabetes. While white rice is the worst kind of rice for diabetics consumed, but bramasti white rice is still pretty good consumed diabetics.

Here is the content of good red rice for diabetics:
  • Red rice carbohydrate is 46 grams, much lower than 53 grams of white rice.
  • Red rice has 1.8 grams of fiber, while the white rice is only 0.4 grams.
  • Brown rice has a glycemic index between 48 - 62, whereas the white glycemic index has a higher index of 72 to 83.
  • Amylose content in brown rice is much better and higher than white rice.
White rice Basmati includes a type of rice that has a low GI, because the type of basmati is a type of rice with a long grain. Long grain rice proved to have a lower GI value than short grains of rice. This type of rice has about 53 GI, so you can still consume white rice, as long as it is not excessive.