Jan 17, 2018

Colic Baby: Definitions And Treatments

colic baby definition - healtinews

Infants who have experienced colic usually cry more than 3 hours a day for at least 3 days a week. This condition can last for 3 weeks or more.

To remember is these conditions actually includes normal and not be bad in the long run. Infants can be suspected of experiencing colic crying if the current show features: clenched both hands, pulling his knees to the stomach, his face flushed, and arch your back.

Beware and immediately contact your doctor if the following symptoms occur:

When appointed, his body sagged.
The sound of her crying high pitched.
Green liquid spewed.
Removing the urine is much less liquid than usual.
A fever of up to 38 degrees or more if they are younger than 3 months and 39 degrees to older than 3 months.
There is blood in the stool.
Far less consuming liquid.
Some parts of his skin look pale or turn blue.
Cantle looks outstanding.
Experience the breathing disorder.
There is a reddish-purple rash. This sign can be a symptom of meningitis disease.
The cause of colic for sure still has yet to be known. Supposedly there are some possibilities such as indigestion, cold, intestines that are sensitive to certain types of protein, as well as sugar in infant formula. Indeed there has been no valid evidence to confirm, but several of the following conditions may be the subject of evaluation:

Stop the consumption of cow's milk. There's a chance your baby experiencing intolerance proteins from cow's milk or other dairy products. You can switch provide milk labeled hypoallergenic with low protein levels. The consumption of infant formula containing soy is not recommended in infants less than 6 months because it contains hormones that can affect physical and sexual development in the future. If symptoms do not improve after a week, you can go back give cow's milk.

If giving BREAST MILK, you can also try for a moment to stop consuming dairy products to see if your baby's condition will improve. If it turns out that the problem lies in the dairy products you consume, then as his successor you need to consume other calcium sources such as supplements.
Colic can be improved by itself so that it actually does not need special handling. But there are ways that can be done to alleviate the situation. Consult this matter with your doctor right away.

Soothing a baby who suffered Colic

Because the cause is unknown for certain, then how the handling of any need to vary colic. In General, these things can be done:

  • Baby belly massage gently.
  • Carrying the baby while she cried.
  • Bathe the baby in warm water.
  • Carrying babies in a sling fabric or a blanket.
  • Avoid risky because of the baby position move more and trigger it to cry more toned. Take her to a quiet room, cool, with Dim lighting may help make it more quietly.
  • Sometimes you can put it on a bouncer or a special baby rocking chair. Take him for a walk in the car may also help calm.
  • If possible, provide a dot to soothe baby.
  • Humming or sound "sshhhhh ...." in infants may be able to get him to calm down.
  • If you know that the baby is already quite consuming fluids and getting enough sleep, you can soothe it with putting him in bed for some time.
  • Don't shake the baby once in a while when she cries.

There are medications that can be given to treat colic in infants as droplets simethicone. This liquid can be added to milk or BREAST MILK given in the bottle. This fluid instrumental help release air bubbles in the baby's digestive tract which can interfere with digestion. Although so far the fluid was declared safe for baby, its use must be based on the recommendation of a doctor.

Various other methods such as sugar water, massage therapy, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and chiropractic are sometimes applied to deal with colic in infants. But so far there has been no scientific evidence that guarantees the consistency of the procedures. Even in certain cases, these actions may harm the baby.

To prevent colic, here are a few things you can do:

  • Dressing baby milk bottle with the other types. The hole is too small for the baby bottles can cause it to swallow more air than the liquid.
  • If you are breastfeeding, avoid consuming too much coffee, tea, and spicy food.
  • Pat-Pat his back gently with the baby so she burps after eating. You can do that by putting it on one shoulder. Make sure that the head and neck are buffered well. Wipe her back until he burps. No, what if there is little food or fluid out with saltpeter.
On top of all the handling that is mentioned, it is important to keep oneself in order not to stress so that you experience uncontrollable emotions when handling the baby. If you own fatigue, it is better to take care of the baby while in others such as husband or closest relatives.

The thing to remember is not to say there is something wrong in the way you take care of the baby. Your baby's condition will improve and you need to remain calm. You also need to take care of yourself with enough rest and a healthy diet.