Jan 10, 2018

Low Carb Diet Menu For 7 Days

Low Carb Diet Menu For 7 Days - healtinews

For those of you who are interested in undergoing diet carbo, it doesn't hurt to gaze at a number of examples of daily menu for a week full of pages reported by the Health Line. Manu daily for a full week will help you choose the food type and portion low carb.

Daily Menu Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet menu 7 days below, you can try and guaranteed not boring, because the types of food served different every day.


There is no harm in starting the day by eating omelets, which are served with a variety of vegetables. You can also use butter or cooking oil when cooking it.

As for lunch, you can prepare organic yogurt mixed with pieces of blueberries and chopped almonds.

In the evenings, you can eat a cheeseburger, served with a salsa salad. However, of course do not eat burger buns. Replace the bread with vegetables.


The second day on a carbo diet, you can eat breakfast consisting of bacon and eggs.

In the afternoon, a half portion of a sandwich or a burger without bread served with vegetables can fill your stomach.

Lastly, you can enjoy the salmon cooked with butter and fresh vegetables as a dinner menu.


For breakfast, you can enjoy a bowl of oatmeal or oat porridge, cooked with chopped meat and vegetables. Even more fun, you can add some sauce or dairy products such as cheese, milk or cream, to this healthy pulp.

As for lunch, enjoy the delicious shrimp salad that is enjoyed with the addition of favorite sauce.

In the evening, just eat a serving of grilled chicken with steamed vegetables.


The fourth day on a carb diet you can enjoy a portion of grilled meat, cooked with herb butter.

As for the afternoon, you can still enjoy a glass of smoothies, made from coconut milk, berries, almonds, and protein powder.

For the evening, please enjoy a delicious portion of steak paired with a vegetable stir-fry.


Bored with the menus for the last four days?

Relax, you can eat grilled sausages, served with scrambled eggs for breakfast.

In the afternoon, after a variety of activities, just enjoy the chicken salad which is served with your favorite sauce to add to its flavor.

As for the evening, you can enjoy a plate full of chopped meat and also a refreshing vegetable salad.

Enjoying a weekend with a slightly fancy menu is not a bad thing. In the morning, you can enjoy a tapas breakfast that combines vegetable salad with fresh salmon slices and grated cheese.

During the day, just enjoy a serving of pancakes served with honey sauce. For those of you who do not like the sweet taste, serve the pancakes with savory cream cheese sauce savory.

As for the dinner, enjoy the grilled meat that has been delineated with red pesto is the right choice.


On Sundays, you do not have to bother making a difficult menu. You can enjoy a breakfast made of roasted bacon served with lettuce, tomato, and omelet.

Lunch does not want to eat too heavy food? Just make an omelet filled with shrimp salad.

As for the evening, eating meat baked with bacon is a very special cover.