Jan 9, 2018

Most Accurate Pregnancy Test

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Although many people think that using a test pack is an easy thing, but there are still people who make mistakes even in the simplest terms.

Starting a pregnant program may be one of the things that most new couples do. To plan for the first pregnancy, many couples prepare everything, including checking their own pregnancies. This is to prevent the occurrence of things that are not desirable early on.

Unfortunately, many of the new couples who do not understand how to test their own pregnancy. The most common mistakes are time and pregnancy test techniques. As a result, the results obtained become less accurate so that the pregnancy becomes less certain. Hmmm ... then when is the right time for the pregnancy test itself?

How the test pack works

Before knowing when is the right time for a pregnancy test, the most important thing is to know how the pregnancy detection tool or so-called test pack. This tool can tell if Mum is pregnant or not by detecting the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in the urine.

The hormone is produced by cells that develop the placenta in the uterus. This hormone enters the bloodstream when the fertilized egg begins to cling to the uterine wall, about 6 days after conception. The amount of hCG will increase after several days, even doubling every two days. When the test pack detects the hormone in Mum's urine, it will show a positive result that is usually marked by two lines.

The perfect time to do your own pregnancy test

Some test packs claim that they can deliver maximum results at least five days before the next day of menstrual forecasts. Most women will also produce enough hCG to get positive results at the same time. So if Mum is curious, try to do her own pregnancy test. If you get a negative result, wait a few more days for Mum not menstruate.

Most test packs claim to be accurate even more than 99% when Mum uses it when late for menstruation. However, there are also studies that find that some test packs are less sensitive to ensure the accuracy of pregnancy test results.

The point is, if Mum wants to get the most accurate results, wait a few days to a week after the menstrual period that has been predicted before the pregnancy test.

Tricks pregnancy test with accurate results

When performing a pregnancy test, the first thing Mum has to do is check the expiry date of the test pack, especially if the test pack has Mum had even before the pregnancy program. If Mum keeps it in a humid place like in the bathroom, maybe the test pack is damaged. It's good if Mum buys a new test pack.

For the perfect results, try to test in the morning shortly after waking up, when the urine is very concentrated. Read the rules of use with caution as some brands of test packs have different steps. Some products require Mum to urinate in the provided cup and then immerse the detector into the urine. There are also products that only need to be touched with urine when urinating.

If the results are still negative and Mum still not menstruating, it's good to wait until a few days or a week. Usually, this happens due to late ovulation or the test is done too early.

So, do not ever assume that with one result alone can decide that Mum is not pregnant. The amount of hCG produced varies per woman and varies for each pregnancy. Although the results of the first pregnancy test immediately appear during the first test, not necessarily also the next period of pregnancy appear in the same period.