Jan 21, 2018

Neuropathy Diabetic : Complications Diabetic

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Diabetes can cause a variety of complications. High blood sugar levels, in a prolonged period of time, can cause damage to the nerve fibers in the whole body, it usually results in pain and cramps in the limbs, this condition is also called diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic Neuropathies including the serious complications of diabetes.

If nerve damage diabetes occurred in the arms or legs, this is referred to as peripheral Neuropathies. This condition can be a direct result of high blood sugar levels over the long term (hyperglycemia) in type 2 diabetes.

In addition to pain, tingling, and numbness are also common in this condition. Peripheral neuropathy can cause foot and leg condition is serious. Diabetic neuropathy is not curable, but the drug may resolve the symptoms arise.

Symptoms Of Diabetic Neuropathy

Neuropathy is divided into 4 Diabetic according to the location of the damaged nerves, namely mononeuropathy, Peripheral Neuropathies, femoral neuropathy, neuropathy, and Autonomic. Each type has different symptoms, so you should know.

Every diabetic neuropathy symptoms generally develop gradually, this happens on all types of neuropathy. For those of you who suffer from diabetes, it is highly recommended evaluating on a regular basis, in order to prevent the occurrence of this complication.


The first type is also called a focal Neuropathy, the damaged nerve usually in areas of the face, torso, and sometimes in the feet. Mononeuropathy symptoms can be improved by itself in a matter of weeks or months. Symptoms arising from the mononeuropathy of which are: